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Improving safety and health at work through a Decent Work Agenda
The equivalent of four plane crashes each and every day this is how many people go out to work each day and dont return home because they die in a workplace accident. Thousands more die of work-related diseases. But these accidents and illnesses are preventable. Co-ordinated action at the national and enterprise level is improving workplace safety and health, as well as directly benefiting business productivity, cost-saving and competitiveness. The EU and the ILOs programme on Safety and Health at Work and the environment SAFEWORK have engaged in a joint project to improve safety and health at work in five countries across three regions of the world: Honduras, Malawi, The Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, and Zambia.The successes reached in these countries can be replicated around the world, leading to safe and healthy, decent workplaces for all. For more information on the ILO's programme on Safety and Health at Work, please visit: http://www.ilo.org/safework/projects/lang--en/index.htm

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Data: 22/11/2012
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