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Bones of Building (1956)
This is an instructional documentary made by the Waterside Workers’ Federation Film Unit on safety in the construction industry. It dramatises the case of Bill Smith (Dick Hackett) to illustrate how dangerous accidents can occur on building sites if workers do not observe safety regulations. It highlights the role of the union in both working to prevent accidents in the workplace and fighting for compensation if they occur. The Bones of Building had its first public screening in March 1956. It was shown at union, delegates and training meetings as well as on building sites to thousands of BWIU workers. It also screened to members of other unions including the Waterside Workers’ Federation and Builders Labourers’ Foundation. It featured in the 1956 Melbourne Film Festival and toured the country as part of the ACTU’s inaugural National Safety Week in 1957. Produced by The Waterside Workers Federation Film Unit (WWFFU). Jock Levy, Keith Gow, Norma Disher. Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) mua.org.au Australian Council of Trade Union (ACTU) actu.org.au/ International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) itfglobal.org International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) ituc-csi.org/

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