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Think Twice (1957)
This occupational safety film for metalworkers highlights three main sources of injury – heat, rays and fumes – and illustrates safe and unsafe ways to operate in the workplace. Helmets and eye shields are shown to protect a welder’s eyes against damage caused by heat, sparks, ultraviolet rays and dust. Scenarios illustrate the danger of not wearing – or incorrectly wearing – safety gear, followed by a demonstration in each case of how injury could have been prevented. Manufacturers conduct stringent tests on the glass used in goggles to ensure maximum protection. An explanatory voice-over spoken by Leonard Teale. Safe work practices are presented as the individual responsibility of workers on site. The educational style of this clip is representative of the whole documentary. Produced by The Waterside Workers Federation Film Unit (WWFFU). Jock Levy, Keith Gow, Norma Disher.

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Data: 09/04/2013
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