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Proud Women, strong Steps (1988) Producers: Skyworks for Women Working With Immigrant Women
The lives of immigrant women are rarely treated in an empowering manner by Canadian mass media. "Proud Women strong Steps" attempts to redress this imbalance. Two women, Ana and Tania, are allowed the freedom to express themselves and relate their tales in relatively unmediated conditions to the audience. Ana, a daughter of Italian immigrants, speaks movingly of her mother's tribulations as a factory worker and primary family caregiver. Tania, a South Asian Women's Group activist, expounds on the possible group strategies that women of colour - and all immigrant people - can employ in order to gain more power in their lives. This engaging documentary is a step in the right direction for Tania and all other people who desire to express themselves and improve their conditions in Canada. (ImagesFestival)

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Data: 09/04/2013
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