Workers (Struggle of a Chicken Processing Workers Union)
The Thai Labour Campaign 2006. This is a powerful story that tells about the life and struggle women workers of the Centaco (Chicken Processing) Labour Union in Thailand. This is a story of the first Chicken's Processing Labour Union in Thailand. Their road to decent lives has never been easy since they were formed in 1994, because they face with one of the most anti-union management team in Thailand. Many of these beautiful women workers were participated in the strike to demand just a 30-cent-transportation-subsidy but they were faced stones, lock-out, dismissal of 102 union members and dealing with many court cases. The union’s president has to deal with several court cases and was dismissed. Despite his, the union continue their activity under a new leadership. Many of the union’s leaders and members have been dismissed during these two decades of fighting for trade union right. The union's spirit to fight for better living and working conditions in this manufacturer is admirable. (OH Production House)

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